Any information that is collected as a result of your visit to homepixpro.com is kept strictly confidential. We do not share your information with third party companies and we do not sell your information. If at anytime you entered your email address, it will be added to our email database and you may receive communication from us. You will be able to opt-out at the bottom of any email received.


All sessions are booked and paid for on our website before the session.


All of our services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with your images we will keep them and process a full refund. Refund request must be made within 24 hours of the image delivery date or NO refund will be processed. Please note, grey skies are not a reason to be unsatisfied with your images. We offer a blue sky upgrade for $20. Refunds on 10 packs are as follows. If no sessions have been submitted a full refund will be issued. The 10 pack special discount is based on 10 sessions. So if any sessions have been delivered they will be valued at the full rate of $145 per session. For example. 5 of 10 sessions have been delivered from a 10 pack and a refund is requested. We will take the 5 sessions X $145 which comes to $725 and deduct that from the $1082.50 A refund of $357.50 would be issued.


We do NOT work in the rain. Rain and camera equipment don't mix. If there is any chance of getting rained on, your session will need to be rescheduled.


All cancellations must me done THE DAY BEFORE the appointment time. If the session is not cancelled and we are unable to access the property it will be a charge of $50 to re-schedule and come back out to the property.


Our pricing is subject to change without prior notice.


Our photographers do not move any items while photographing the property. If they are asked to move any items, the Realtor assumes all responsibility if an item gets broken. You understand that we are not a home stagers, however, we will offer our opinions. If the home is not ready to photograph no later than 15 minutes after we arrive we will need to reschedule. A $50 return trip fee would apply, and no refund will be issued. If we are photographing a home and nobody will be there, we will not move items such as clothing, dog dishes, and furniture. we will however open blinds and turn on lights. If we arrive to a property where nobody will be there, and we cannot get in, a $50 return trip fee would apply to reschedule. Also remember when we photograph a home and nobody is present we will not be responsible for missed shots or non working lights. ALL cancellations must be done NO LATER THAN the day before a session. This can be done by phone call, phone message, or email. If the session is not cancelled the day before the session, we will be unable to process a refund and our [no fault] return trip fee of $50 would apply to reschedule. If we show up to a property and the property is unable to be photographed for any reason (such as no electricity) we will need to reschedule the session. A $50 trip charge will apply. If it is decided that the trip charge will not be paid, and the decision to cancel the order is made, all money will be refunded except $50 for the trip charge. You are also agreeing that by having us upload images to the MLS we are granted access to the MLS listing to add, delete, or modify photos contained on the listing. We do not need your sign in information. We have our own account.


All images belong to homepixpro.com. We grant a temporary license to our customers to use on the MLS, print brochures, and general marketing of the property.


It is an HAR violation to display a sign in a photograph. Most cases the sign can be removed in photoshop. Sometimes it can't. If there is a sign and it can't be removed in photoshop a $50 trip charge will apply to go and re shoot it. If the property is outside the beltway 8, we will not be able to re shoot it until we are in that area again.

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